“Today's amazing technology allows us to connect safely and seamlessly anywhere in the world to provide accurate, real time accounting access as if we are working at a desk in our client’s office.”

- Leah Thiss, CEO and President
BBBS, Inc.


Staying Connected

BBBS offers a wide variety of safe and secure connectivity options in order to provide your company with instant real-time access to your BBBS Accounting Department and your Accounting System, no different than if we are all in the same offices.

Your financial data remains secure at your location and we connect with real-time access or at our data center. Other departments such as Purchasing, Shipping & Receiving or Admin etc. can continue working as well. There is never downtime.

Connections supported include:

  • A direct phone line to BBBS available Monday through Friday (9 A.M. - 5 P.M. PST)
  • A unique mailing address for all incoming vendor invoices and customer checks
  • Unlimited fax service to give the client, customers, and vendors copies of needed documents
  • 24-hour answering service
  • 24-hour paging service for emergencies

For Data Access

BBBS offers a wide variety of computer and Internet connectivity options in order to provide your company access to your BBBS accounting department “pod” and your financial data quickly and securely. Using a variety of connections, you can review your accounting data and print reports instantly from any location. Connections supported include:

  • Secure Content Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Seamless High Speed Connectivity
  • PC to PC Remote Connectivity (PC Anywhere)
  • Internet Application Service Providers (ASP)
  • Instant Messaging Access
  • System Back-up Delivered to Your Door

Your Data is Secure

The security of your data is paramount, BBBS provides a sophisticated NT security system and Internet firewall protection system to prevent any unauthorized use of your data.



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