“With BBBS, Inc. I know my financials are done right. I no longer have to manage a bookkeeper and run my own financial reports. I can focus on my business and leave the accounting to the professionals at BBBS, Inc.”

 - Jan Wilson, Owner, Twigs, Inc.

Services Overview

BBBS, Inc is a U.S.-based outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services company. We provide a professional, single-source accounting department to companies that want an accounting solution that offers cost control and flexibility to meet changing needs.

We will partner with you to provide a long-term accounting solution, customized to fit your requirements and designed to deliver the information that you need to proactively run your business.

BBBS, Inc. works daily, weekly, monthly on the accounting functions and processes as required. Current technology allows us to operate as if we are in your office, keeping us transparent to your clients, customers and vendors. We can truly be YOUR accounting department.

Using your preferred accounting software program (an existing accounting system including industry-specific software, a high-end accounting package, QuickBooks etc. or a system we help you deploy) combined with state-of-the-art communications and computer systems, you maintain real-time data access without duplicate data entry.

BBBS, Inc. offers four categories of services:

  • Controller Services – Designed for businesses that have an internal bookkeeper or daily entry accounting staff but need the added skills and experience of a Controller.
  • Full Accounting Department – We become the accounting department for your company. We will manage all of the functions (payroll, A/R, A/P, month-end closings, etc.) that are typically handled by an in-house accounting department. This includes CFO planning and consultation as needed.
  • CFO Services – We will provide the financial infrastructure, procedures, planning, and month-end closing and analysis reports required by fast growing companies or companies that are seeking financing or merger opportunities.
  • Special Accounting Services – These are usually one-time projects such as clean-ups, cash flow planning and development, budget creation, loan forms, financials for business plans, etc.
  • Bookkeeping Services – This is provided on an hourly basis and is typically for smaller companies (under $1 million). General bookkeeping covers bill payments, recording deposits and account reconciliation.
Key Benefits:
  • Professional, experienced, accounting support
  • Eliminates the need to hire personnel to manage growing accounting needs
  • Control cost of accounting function and in many cases, substantially lower cost
  • Focus on your business instead of worrying about accounting
  • Pay only for the skill you need, when you need it
  • Gain management insights through better financial data

“BBBS, Inc. gives you the management information that you need to truly run your business better. Their clients typically save money outsourcing their accounting, but once they factor in timely access to key financial data, the return on investment is unquestionable.”

– David Duval, Claiborne Advisors



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