“At BBBS, Inc., we understand what businesses need in the accounting area to grow and prosper. We are committed to making world class business accounting affordable to these growing businesses . Nothing makes us happier than contributing to the success of a client company.”

- Jeffrey Thiss

Jeffrey B. Thiss, Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer for BBBS, Inc., Jeffrey B. Thiss is responsible for overall financial health and long-term success of the accounting service company and its clients.

Jeff has spent the last 30 years providing financial services to fast growing companies. As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller, he has established several financial organizations for divisions of Fortune 500 companies and small companies that achieved tremendous growth. Through his experience and training, Jeff has gained a clear understanding of the financial planning, reporting and controls needed to take a company through each stage of growth.

As a CFO, Jeff has provided leadership at the accounting level in addition to the company as a whole as a member of the executive management team. His deep knowledge of accounting gave him the insights necessary to develop successful accounting resource models that were used to keep the fast-paced organizations that he worked for profitable.

While enjoying a successful career as a CFO, he became interested in the outsourced accounting concept. He observed that many companies do not need and cannot afford a full-time bookkeeper, accountant and/or CFO. He assisted in conducting a feasibility study to determine the viability of an outsourced accounting company which led to the formation of BBBS, Inc.

Jeff provides BBBS clients with best practices for financial planning and reporting so that they have the information they need to run their businesses. This includes tools and insights to manage accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable to maintain a healthy cash flow. He also provides guidance and assistance to build strong banking and vendor relationships resulting in favorable financing and credit terms. Jeff brings a higher level of professionalism and efficiencies to his clients’ business operations.

Personal Statistics

  • Resident of Poway
  • B.S. Accounting, Arizona State University
  • Former CFO at Telesoft and The Delmar Group
  • Former Controller at Compton’s New Media, NCR, Chicago Tribune Co. and Encyclopedia Britannica


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