“Our vision is to empower growing businesses with the financial knowledge that turns accounting into a powerful tool to build a successful business.”

 - Leah Thiss, CEO and President, BBBS, Inc.

Company Overview

BBBS, Inc. was founded in 1992 when the principals recognized that small and medium-sized businesses needed cost-effective accounting solutions in order to grow and prosper. Since then, the company has delivered on its mission to provide innovative, practical and top-quality accounting services that save time and improve the way people do business accounting.

Building a long-term relationship with our clients is a key to our success. We have achieved this by adhering to our core values. At BBBS, Inc. we are:

  • Committed to making world class business accounting affordable to growing businesses
  • Committed to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of our clients’ business information
  • Committed to building professional relationships based on mutual respect
  • Committed to being a productive member of our community

Most of our clients are referrals from business analysts and consultants, investment bankers, CPAs, venture capitalists, and banks as well as from existing clients. All of our referral sources recognize the value BBBS, Inc. can bring to an organization.

BBBS, Inc. has offices in California and Arizona from which they service clients located across the United States . Some clients have parent companies that we report to overseas. Using today’s technology, we can securely connect to our client and operate as if we are next door regardless of the client’s actual location.

We offer four categories of services: Full Accounting Department; CFO Services, Special Accounting Services; and Bookkeeping Services. Based on your specific requirements, BBBS, Inc. will build an accounting system and service package that will cost-effectively deliver the information you need to proactively run your business.

Memberships/Community Involvement:
National Society of Accountants
SD North Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Calgary Chamber of Commerce Member
Institute of Management Accountants
SDNCC Chair of the Economic Development Committee
Better Business Bureau—CA and AZ
Yuma Arizona Chamber of Commerce Member
Corporate Finance Council Board Member
Chairmen’s RoundTable Sponsor
Poway Center for Performing Arts Foundation Board Member

“BBBS, Inc. is actively involved in the business community. Their sponsorship of the Chairmen’s RoundTable, a non-profit organization that provides executive mentorship free of charge, is just one example of how BBBS, Inc. generously supports local business.”

– Tom Dorosewicz, CRT Chairman



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